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ZXnet http server: Note N00038: Transmitting files slowly with Kermit95


Note Archive
Number: N00038
Created: 14 March 2012
Revised: 14 March 2012

This document provides notes on transmitting files slowly with Kermit95.

Connect to the remote system with Kermit95 and create a new file. Something like this:

$ create
then hit Alt+X to switch to the local console and run the following Kermit commands:
set file type text
set transmit pause 200
transmit licenses.txt
A delay of 200ms seems to work most of the time when sending to my AlphaServer 800 5/500 box over a 9600 serial line but I do get occasional timeouts. Larger pauses might fix this but it would slow down the transfer alot. Documentation on doing this stuff can be found on page 288 of the C-Kermit book.