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ZXnet http server: Note N00023: Batch Scanning and PDFing documents


Note Archive
Number: N00023
Created: 21 January 2009
Revised: 21 January 2009

A number of documents have been scanned and made available in the computers section of this site. This note describes how these documents were scanned.


Batch scanning can be done using scanimage on linux. For example:

scanimage --format=tiff --batch=page%d.tiff --batch-prompt -p -x 180 -y 230 --mode lineart --resolution 600
will produce black and white 600dpi TIFF files named pagen.tiff where n is the document number. In batch-prompt mode, Scan image will prompt for each document to be placed on the scanner. When finished, Ctrl+D exits the program. The -p option provides progress while it scans, and the -x and -y options set the area to be scanned (180x230mm).

Creating PDF files

PDF files can be created using Eric Smith's tumble. This software takes 1bpp TIFF files as input and recompresses them using lossless Group 4 fax compression (ITU-T recommendation T.6) while putting them into a PDF file.