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ZXnet http server: Note N00009: Remote X into OpenVMS


Note Archive
Number: N00009
Created: 19 November 2007
Revised: 19 November 2007

This page is a collection of notes on remote Xing into OpenVMS.

Creating a display

To create a display issue the following command:

               SET DISPLAY /CREATE /NODE=hostname /TRANSPORT=transport /SERVER=servernumber /SCREEN=screennumber

You only have to use the /CREATE option the first time you issue the command. `hostname' is somthing like or, `transport' is the network transport to use. For most uses this will be `tcpip'. servernumber and screennumber are the server and screen numbers of the X Server.


               SET DISPLAY /CREATE /NODE= /TRANSPORT=tcpip
             Under UNIX this would be
               export DISPLAY=

Starting a session

To start a new session, execute the command `run sys$system:decw$startlogin' - this will bring up the CDE login screen.