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ZXnet http server: Note N00010: DECserver firmware filenames


Note Archive
Number: N00010
Created: 02 March 2008
Revised: 02 March 2008

DECserver terminal servers must download their firmware from the network when they boot up and initialize. The filenames are specified in a network request from the terminal server at boot time to initiate a MOP download of the firmware. On Alpha, Itanium or VAX systems running the OpenVMS operating system, these files are located in a directory named SYS$SYSROOT:[MOM$SYSTEM] which has system logical names of MOM$SYSTEM and MOM$LOAD if DECnet has been started.

This page is a list of the files that various DECservers will request on boot.

Terminal Server Model Memory requirement Firmware Filename
DECserver 90L+ none PROM-based; no firmware downloaded
DECserver 90TL 1 MB MNENG1.SYS
DECserver 90TL 1 MB MNENG2.SYS(Some descriptions say 4 MB is required)
DECserver 90M 1 MB MNENG2.SYS (Some descriptions say 4 MB is required)
DECserver 90M 2 MB MNENG3.SYS
DECserver 90M+ 4 MB MNENG4.SYS
DECserver 100 PS0801ENG.SYS
DECserver 200 PR0801ENG.SYS
DECserver 200 DP0601ENG.SYS
DECserver 300 SH1601ENG.SYS
DECserver 700 1 MB WWENG1.SYS
DECserver 700 > 2 MB WWENG2.SYS
DECserver 900TM WWENG2.SYS