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ZXnet http server: Note N00029: Setting up a network printer on VMS


Note Archive
Number: N00029
Created: 14 February 2010
Revised: 14 February 2010

Setting up a network printer on VMS

This document has some brief notes on setting up a network printer with VMS

Starting the Queue Manager

if the queue manager is not currently running, it must be started. Running the command START /QUEUE /MANAGER will do it. If the queue manager has never been run on this node before, /NEW_VERSION must be added making the full command START /QUEUE /MANAGER /NEW_VERSION (note that specifying /NEW_VERSION will overwrite the existing queue database files)

Creating the queue

Lastly, the queue itself must be created. This can be done with a command such as:

$ INITIALIZE /QUEUE /START myprinterqueue -
/PROCESSOR=tcpip$telnetsym -
where "myprinterqueue" is the name of the printer queue, "" is the network name of the printer (or its IP address) and "9100" is the port it is listening on.

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