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ZXnet http server: Note N00003: Run FireFox 1.5 on Windows NT 3.51


Note Archive
Number: N00003
Created: 06 September 2007
Revised: 30 September 2007

FireFox 1.5 does not support Windows NT 3.51. However, with a few adjustments and DLL upgrades it can be made to run.

A clean install of Firefox 1.5 will not work properly. Message boxes appear blank, menus appear as a small vertical line and other dialogs are too small. The problem is that NT 3.51 doesnt have preferences for menu and message box fonts so Mozilla reads that as some odd font with a size of zero. The solution is to create and place a chrome preferences file named "userChrome.css" in the chrome folder of your profile folder. A pre-made file may be found here.

Newer builds also require a newer version of OLEAUT32.DLL. The one from the Windows 95 DCOM95 update appears to work.