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How to Get Help in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa

Iomega is committed to providing first class technical support service. To meet this goal, Iomega offers a variety of support options designed to meet the needs of a wide range of users. These support options include a web support site, a 24-hour automated technical support service, automated FaxBack help, e-mail, and live technical support service.

Iomega's specific customer support policies (including fees for services) and procedures change as technology and market conditions dictate. To obtain information about Iomega's current policies, please contact Iomega at

Iomega Web Support Site:

The Iomega European web support site offers advanced problem-solving support available 24 hours a day in various European languages. Here's just some of what the site offers:

  • On-line Help Pages—You can find help pages with answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs), troubleshooting or basic "how to" information in your language. The help pages are in HTML format that can be viewed directory from your web browser.

  • Locate Iomega manuals—You can access an electronic copy of the manual for any Iomega product. If the manual you select is a PDF file, you need the Adobe® Acrobat Reader to view it. If you don't already have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your system, you can download it from the Adobe Systems incorporated web site at:

  • Download the latest Iomega Software—The software that shipped with your Iomega product might be updated over time. Choose Software Download from the Iomega support web site to check for the most up-to-date Iomega software or download the latest software and driver upgrades in seven languages directly from

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Interactive Troubleshooting System: +353-1-4105-050

This 24-hour automated system works just like a live technical support agent. This system ask a series of questions relating to your problem, which you answer by using the keys on your telephone keypad. The system makes a diagnosis of the problem and provides you with a solution over the phone or by fax. This system is accessible by calling technical support and choosing the corresponding option from the recorded menu, or by dialing the above number.

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Automated FaxBack Help: +353-1-4105-060

Our automated FaxBack help system enables you to use any touch-tone phone to instantly receive detailed support information on your fax machine in various European languages. When you call our FaxBack number, you can order a catalogue listing the FaxBack documents available for your Iomega product. This system is accessible by calling technical support and choosing the corresponding option from the recorded menu, or by dialing the above number. Follow the voice instructions to order what you need.

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E-mail Technical Support

Send an e-mail to our Technical Support team via the web. Go to our support site at, select your language and click e-mail.

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Calling Iomega Technical Support

Iomega also offers live technical support for all your troubleshooting needs. Before calling Iomega Technical Support, turn on your computer, call from a phone near your computer, and have the following information available:

  • Previous customer number, if applicable.

  • Serial number of your drive.

  • Make and model of drive (for example, Zip® 100 Parallel Port Drive).

  • Make and model of computer.

  • Operating system used (for example, Windows® 98 or Mac® OS 8.6).

  • List of any other hardware installed on the computer (for example, printers or CD-ROM).

  • Iomega software version (for example, IomegaWare V2.0).

  • Exact description of the problem and any error messages received.

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Technical Support Numbers

Iomega has a highly trained technical support staff available to take your call at the following numbers. Calls to these numbers are charged at national access rates. Calls to the numbers listed for "Other Countries" are charged at normal international dialing rates to the Republic of Ireland.


01 795 679 67




02 7119510


91 7496459




8 58770609


9 69379204

Switzerland (French)

01800 9332


01 55695074

Switzerland (German)

01800 9330


069 95086359

Switzerland (Italian)

01800 9331


01 4073 238


0207 3659527


02 69633538


020 3469540

Other Countries


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Product Repair or Return

For information on returning your Iomega product for warranty service (or repair after the warranty period), please visit our support web site at, or contact Iomega Technical Support. Because many returns are found to be due to a technical problem, rather than a defective product, check with Iomega Technical Support before returning your drive. Our trained support personnel can often resolve the problem over the phone, or supply you with return authorization.

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Warranty Information

For complete warranty information, refer to the warranty card or warranty information contained on the CD-ROM included with your drive. If you have questions about the limited warranty on your Iomega product, please go to our web support site at, or contact Iomega Technical Support.

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Product Information

Visit our web site at for information on new Iomega products, promotions, or support.

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Purchasing Iomega Products

For general purchase and resale information, please go to our web site at

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