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Windows Me Computers are like people—they work better when they work together. With the release of Windows Me, it's easier than ever to set up a network among multiple computers in your home. Now you can share printers, applications, files, even an Internet connection. And if you like to play computer games, home networking is guaranteed to double and triple your fun.
Windows Me

Windows Me

Put it all together
After you have gathered everything you need for your home network, it's time to put it together and get it working.

Home Networking: Choose the right hardware
After you have determined which type of home network is right for you, you can purchase the necessary hardware.

Picking the right home network
There are several factors to consider before picking the type of network that is best for your home. This guide is a great way to start mapping out your basic choices.

Getting started with home networking
Not a computer technician? Don't worry about it. Setting up a home network is simple and straightforward, thanks to both Windows Me and new hardware technology.

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