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Windows Me
Windows Me If you are familiar with the expression, "It's all about the Internet, baby," then you are going to appreciate what Windows Me offers: the best way to browse your favorite Web sites, send e-mail, chat, and stay in touch with the world around you. What's more, built-in broadband support lets you take advantage of the fastest ways to connect to the Internet, such as ADSL or cable modem.
Windows Me

Windows Me

MSN Explorer: It's the better way to browse
MSN Explorer is the exciting new browser that extends beyond mere surfing, letting you find and store the personal information you need more quickly, more easily, and more efficiently.

Love the Messenger
There's an easy way to keep up with your work and share regards with family and friends. MSN Messenger lets you stay in touch with loved ones right from your keyboard.

Free, personalized e-mail? MSN Hotmail delivers!
Hotmail is fast, easy to use, accessible from any computer with Internet access, and completely free. What else could you ask for? Find out here.

Making the grade in Hotmail 101
Ready to make the move to Web-based e-mail? It's free and convenient, and we'll give you the basics you need to get started right here.

Making the grade in Outlook Express 101
If you're just beginning to try out your Internet wings, the first thing you'll want to know about is e-mail. Here are the basics about using the e-mail program Outlook Express.

Smart downloading
When it comes to downloading files from the Internet, remember that safety comes first. Get to know some of the security features in Internet Explorer 5.5 to help you make informed decisions and avoid risk.

Four Ways to Set Up an Internet Connection
Windows Me is designed to streamline the many complex steps it can take to reach the Internet, making it a simple, straightforward matter to get online and begin to explore the Web, exchange e-mail with friends and family, and more.

Microsoft Windows ME
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