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Windows Me
Learn how to put Windows Me to work for you

Windows Me

Put it all together
After you have gathered everything you need for your home network, it's time to put it together and get it working.

Windows Me Special Offers
Windows Movie Maker

Set the soundtrack for a day of fun
Copying audio files to your digital audio device with Windows Media Player is as simple as sitting down at your computer, attaching your device, and clicking a few buttons.

Edit your movie with Windows Movie Maker
The secret to making movies is in the craft of putting them together. Learn how to use the editing features in Windows Movie Maker to produce polished movies.

Home Networking: Choose the right hardware
There are several factors to consider before picking the type of network that is best for your home. This guide is a great way to start mapping out your basic choices.

Windows Me Special Offers

The basics of using Windows Me
Beginner to home computing? We've gathered a pile of useful information for you on starting with e-mail, accessing the Internet, using your browser, and more.

Windows Me Special Offers

Windows Me

Ethernet and Internet security
Using Internet Connection Sharing on a home Ethernet network? Stay on top of security issues.

Handy tips for Windows Me
Work and play with Windows Me faster, better, more efficiently. From digital media to computer health, from home networking to better Internet experiences, our collection of tips shows you how.

Microsoft Windows ME
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