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Windows Movie Maker With Windows Movie Maker, Windows Me takes the next giant leap for home computing. Now you can use your computer to organize, edit, and store your home movies. It's a simple matter to add narration, sound effects, music, and fancy transitions, just like they do in Hollywood! And when you're all done, you can e-mail the results to your friends and family.
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Windows Me

Edit your movie with Windows Movie Maker
The secret to making movies is in the craft of putting them together. Learn how to use the editing features in Windows Movie Maker to produce polished movies.

Starting with Windows Movie Maker
Organizing, editing, and storing your home movies is easier than ever with Windows Movie Maker, which comes with Windows Me. Before you start, make sure you have everything you need.

Windows Movie Maker: Get your film in the can
Ready to start making movies? Your first step is to get your footage out of the camera or off of a videocassette and onto your hard disk. Here's how.

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