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Windows Me boosts your computer's performance Windows Me offers new features that let you stay focused on what you want to do, instead of on your computer. For added safety, the files required to keep your computer up and running are always protected. Perhaps best of all, System Restore lets you easily recover your computer settings when something goes wrong.
Quick Computer Health Tips

Windows Me

Roll back the clock with System Restore
It's not a time machine, but it's the next best thing. System Restore is a powerful new utility that can propel you back in time and let you undo installation mishaps and more. Find out how to put it to work for you.

Ward off computer viruses
If you've read technology news lately, chances are you've heard about one of several high-profile computer virus threats being spread through e-mail. Here's how to protect yourself.

Create a Windows Me startup disk
One of the best tools you may never need, a startup disk is easy to make and good to have around.

Tune up by using the Maintenance Wizard
When it comes to your hard disk, you're the boss. Now you can act like it, by using the Maintenance Wizard to schedule standard routine maintenance.

Clean up your hard disk
Over time, your computer can accumulate temporary files, unused components, and other things you no longer need. Clear out the clutter with Disk Cleanup.

Check for errors by running ScanDisk
Through normal use of your computer, your hard disk can get to be a mess. Straighten it out with ScanDisk.

Defragment your hard disk
Your hard disk is like a file cabinets. The more files you take out and use, the more you need to file them back again to save space. Use Disk Defragmenter to get organized and improve performance.

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