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Windows Me Windows Me is loaded with features designed specifically for home users, giving you a better way to manage digital photos and music, work with video, create a home network, communicate with friends and relatives around the world, and more. Here's a collection of tips to make it work even better for you.

Tips for Working with Video
Using Windows Me: Save system resources when transferring footage
Use drag-and-drop importing
Jump-start your moviemaking
Previews a double-click away
Check your system profile to find IEEE 1394 information
Use description in clip properties
Use details view for clips

Tips for Working with Photos
Add Image Preview to any folder
Print pictures from the My Pictures folder
To JPEG or to GIF: Understand file formats
Share your images with others

Tips for Working with Audio
Customize the Windows Media Player screen
Change Windows Media Player options
Browse the Media Guide using Internet Explorer

Tips for Home Networking
Using a subnet
Thinking of a wireless network?
Using IEEE 1394
Sharing an Internet connection
Creating an Ethernet
Ethernet and Internet security

Tips for Computer Health
Let the Add New Hardware Wizard resolve your device problems
Create a startup or "boot" disk for your computer
How to reveal more information about your CPU
Clear up the clutter with Disk Cleanup
Defragment your hard disk to keep it in peak condition
Boot up without the floppy drive to save time
Clean up your hard disk with ScanDisk
Some straightforward talk on virus prevention

Tips for Using the Internet
Using more than one e-mail account
Turning AutoComplete addresses on or off
Move backward and forward between pages
Screening out inappropriate material with Content Advisor
Create a custom signature for e-mail
Make sure downloaded files are easy to find later
Drag a Web page shortcut into a message
Find your way back to a page you saw some time ago
Find people or businesses on the Internet
Hide newsgroup messages you've read
Sort the message list in your Inbox
Add Favorites with one keystroke
Create a link to a Web page in a Word document
Create new folders in Outlook Express
Choose how often to check for new mail
Subscribe to a newsgroup
Read newsgroups offline with Outlook Express
Open a Web page in a new window
Create and organize a list of favorite sites
Print all or part of a Web page
Save time and effort in typing URL addresses
Search from the Address bar
Search the Internet effectively
Search for a word or phrase on a Web page
Set your browser to open at a page of your choice
Rearrange and resize toolbars
Send e-mail messages on stationery
Use the Quick Launch bar to get to frequently used items
Send a Web page, a video clip, or an audio clip via e-mail
Use a Web graphic for your desktop background
Set your Internet connection properties
Make sure your modem is working

Tips for Working Efficiently
Run programs from the Address bar
Get back to the desktop quickly
Browse the Web and your files with one program
Close several programs at once
Set system date and time
Ways to delete a file or folder
Explore more with Explorer bars
Undo actions in Windows
Turn on file name extensions
Move or copy files to subfolders
Rearrange programs on the Start menu
Set your windows so they all have the same view
Show hidden program or system files
Use single-click everywhere
Speed up your programs
Open a Web page from the Start menu
Surf your computer the same way you surf the Web
Customize the taskbar
Search the Web directly from the taskbar
Change your user profile
Adjust Accessibility Options
Set administrative options for accessibility settings
Set up Narrator to announce events on the screen
Activate clicking mode
Adjust cursor settings
Set options for people who are deaf or have difficulty hearing sounds from the computer
Adjust display options
Turn FilterKeys on and off
Select FilterKeys settings
Adjust folder options
Select the font for on-screen keyboard keys
Change the font size of text on the screen
Turn high contrast on and off
Select high contrast settings
Activate hovering mode
Adjust Internet options
Change the size of items on the screen
Adjust keyboard options
Show extra keyboard help in programs
Select a keyboard layout
Switch to a lower screen resolution to increase the size of items on the screen
Invert the colors of the Magnifier window
Change Magnifier to high contrast
Set the magnification level in Magnifier
Open Magnifier
Change the size of the Magnifier window
Set Magnifier tracking options
Change the position of the Magnifier window
Enable a warning message to appear when turning a feature on or off
Enable a warning sound to play when turning a feature on and off
Set options for people who have difficulty using the keyboard or mouse
Adjust mouse options
Turn MouseKeys on and off
Select MouseKeys settings
Set up the mouse pointer to move to active items
Open the On-Screen Keyboard
Adjust passwords options
Disable personalized menus
Restore default settings
Activate scanning mode
Support SerialKeys devices
Select SerialKeys settings
Turn ShowSounds on and off
Adjust sounds and multimedia options
Turn SoundSentry on and off
Select SoundSentry settings
Turn StickyKeys on and off
Select StickyKeys settings
Adjust taskbar and Start menu options
Turn ToggleKeys on and off
Select ToggleKeys settings
Turn off accessibility features after computer is idle for specified number of minutes
Use Microsoft Magnifier
Set options for people who are blind or have difficulty seeing things on the screen
Open Accessibility Wizard
Save Accessibility Wizard settings to a file
Shortcut for renaming files
Select multiple files or folders
Open a file with the application of your choice
Create a printer shortcut

Tips for Having Fun
Change your wallpaper
Make your own icons
Use your own voice for audio prompts
Put an extra challenge into Minesweeper
Control graphics acceleration and other features
Play Internet games with others online
Listen to the radio while you work
Listen to background music while you work
Shut off your screen saver when you start a game
Add sound to system events
Use patterns as wallpaper
Add live Web content to your desktop
Record event sounds from a CD

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