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Share your images with others

Windows Me

It's easy to share an image from your camera to documents and e-mail. With Windows Me, you don't even have to save the image to your hard disk first. As long as your camera is WIA-enabled (check your camera’s documentation to find out) and connected to your computer, you can access it directly.

In your e-mail or document application, follow the steps to insert an image. For example:

  • From the Outlook Express Insert menu, choose File Attachment, or choose Picture and then click Browse.
  • In Microsoft Outlook, choose either File or Object from the Insert menu.
  • In Microsoft Word, choose Picture from the Insert menu, and then click From File.

The application will ask where to find the picture you wish to insert. Click the arrow to see the entire list of possibilities, including your camera! Click your camera, and then select the picture you wish to share.

More Tips for Working with Photos

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