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Make sure your modem is working

Windows Me

If you're having problems connecting to the Internet, there may be a problem with your modem. First, verify that the modem is configured and installed properly. Then, if you are still having a problem, you may need to run a more specific diagnostic.

Here's how to troubleshoot a potential modem problem:

  1. Click the Start button, point to Settings, and then click Control Panel.
  2. Click the System icon.
  3. Click the Device Manager tab.
  4. Click the plus sign ('+') next to Modem in the list. This will show you a list of installed modems.

Note   If there is a red 'X' or a yellow exclamation point next to a modem in the list, that means there is a hardware problem. You may need to reconfigure or reinstall the modem, or you may need to find and install the appropriate driver for the modem. (For more information, you can right-click the modem in the list, and then click Properties.)

  1. If your modem seems to be installed and configured properly, then return to Control Panel and click the Modems icon.
  2. Click the Diagnostics tab. Click the appropriate modem icon, and then click More Info. Windows will check your modem and return information about it. If all is well with your system, the box next to your modem information will read OK. If not, it will tell you what's wrong, which can help you begin troubleshooting.

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