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Change Windows Media Player options

Windows Me

Windows Media Player lets you set up your system just the way you like it. To see all the possibilities, click the Tools menu, and then click Options.

The Options dialog box contains eight tabs:

  • Use the Performance tab to specify connection speed, network buffering, and video performance settings.
  • Use the Media Library tab to set or deny access by other applications or Internet sites, and to specify whether you want music that you've purchased on the Internet to be added to the Media Library automatically.
  • Use the Visualizations tab to choose, add, or remove visualization collections.
  • In the Formats tab, set which file formats (.asf, .wav, .wmp, and so forth) Windows Media Player will play.
  • Use the Player tab to specify how Windows Media Player will start, how often it will check for upgrades, and to choose your Internet identity, license, and connection settings.
  • Use the Network tab to configure the protocols and proxy settings that you want Windows Media Player to use when receiving streaming media files.
  • In the CD Audio tab, specify the settings to use when copying or playing music, and the folder to which you want to copy music files.
  • Use the Portable Device tab to set the quality level at which you copy music from your computer to your portable device. You can also press the Details button to open a Web page that lists information about portable-device support for Windows Media Player.

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