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Add live Web content to your desktop

Windows Me

Want to add some "live" content from the Internet to your desktop? Maybe a stock ticker or up-to-the-minute news headlines? The Active Desktop interface in Windows Me can do it. The desktop item will be automatically updated periodically to provide you with the latest information.

To help you get started, there's a Microsoft gallery on the Web that offers many different and interesting items you can add to your desktop.

Here's how:

  1. Right-click the desktop, point to Active Desktop, and then click Customize My Desktop.
  2. Make sure Show Web content on my Active Desktop is selected, and then click New.
  3. To add content, type a URL into the Location field, Browse to find a picture or HTML document, or click the Visit Gallery button to connect to the Microsoft Active Desktop Gallery on the Internet.
  4. Click OK and then OK again.

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