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ZXnet http server: IBM RS/6000 43P Model 132



IBM Systems
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Quick Specs
CPU: IBM PowerPC 604
Cache: 32kB L1, 512kB async L2
Video: IBM E15
Max Ram: 192MB
chassis: tower or desktop
bus: PCI and ISA

IBM RS/6000 43P Model 132

The IBM RS/6000 43P Model 132 (Type 7248) is a PowerPC workstation using the PCI expansion bus. It is capable of running AIX and Windows NT.
[IBM RS/6000 43P-132]
The above machine lived at GNS Science until the 20th of December 2008. It is configured with 192MB of RAM and an additional Symbios Logic SCSI controller and a IBM S15 (Actually a Diamond Viper Pro) graphics card. It runs AIX 4.2.


Architecture: PReP
CPU: PowerPC 604 100/120/133 MHz
Cache: 32kB L1 and 512kB asynchronous L2 cache
RAM: 0-192MB RAM, 0-6 FPM SIMMs with parity
Video: Integrated IBM E15 2MB (based on S3 Vision864 with S3 DAC)
SCSI: Integrated NCR 53C810 SCSI-2
IDE: Integrated National Semiconductor PC87332 SuperIO
I/O Controller: Integrated National Semiconductor PC87332 SuperIO (for IDE, MFM, LPT, COM)
Ethernet: IntegratedAMD 79C970A PCnet32 PCI
Audio Integrated Crystal Audio CS4232

System Management Services

You can download an image of the System Management Services disk and use it to create a new SMS disk if you dont already have one. The file format a normal zip file containing a comment and the raw image. This disk is essentially the machines "Firmware" - as far as I can see it doesnt seem to have any real firmware like Sun, SGI and DEC machines do.

To access SMS, insert the SMS disk into the floppy drive and press F4 while the status icons are visible at the bottom of the screen. This should bring up a text-mode SMS interface. On my machine, F1 appears to bring up a graphical SMS interface, F2 brings up a "Network Utility" window (appears to allow configuration of network and boot hardware) and F5 causes "BOOTP Sx R0" (where x counts from 0 to 5) to appear on the screen before starting the graphical SMS utility from the floppy disk. F3, F6 and F7 appear to have no function. I have not tried any others.


A number of high resolution images can be found at the RS/6000 43P-132 Image Gallery.


None available at this time. Have a PDF copy of any documentation? Email me.

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