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M3118 - CXA16/CXB16

The CXA16/CXB16 is a 16-line Asynchronous Serial Multiplexor using DEC-423/RS-423 outputs for the BA200 series enclosure. It can be used in applications including data concentration, real-time processing and interactive terminal handling. It has two programming modes: DHV11 and DHU11. In these two modes, the register sets are compatible with those of the DHV11 and DHU11 respectively. DHU11 is the preferred mode.

Main features

These are the main features of the CXA16/CXB16 as taken from the user manual (EK-CAB16-UG)



Three CXA16s, six H3104s and one BC16D-25 cable. One of the H3104 boxes looks like it had a bit more voltage than was good for it at some point. Click on the images for a larger version.
[lhnvax board 6, front] [lhnvax board 6, back] [lhnvax board 6, ports] [lhnvax board 7, front] [lhnvax board 7, back] [lhnvax board 7, ports] [lhnvax board 8, front] [lhnvax board 8, back] [lhnvax board 8, ports] [A row of H3104 boxes] [The H3104 boxes were once rackmounted] [All sides of the H3104] [Underside of the H3104 PCB] [top of H3104 PCB] [Something bad happened to this one] [BC16D-25 plugs] [Part of a BC16D-25 cable]

In Collection

Qty: Systems: Module: Option:
3 lhnvax M3118-YA CXA16-M

Qty: Part:
6 H3104
6 BC16D-25