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ZXnet http server: Digital AlphaServer 1200



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Quick Specs
Architecture: DEC Alpha
CPU: up to two 64bit Alpha/AXP 21164 CPUs at 400MHz or 500MHz
Video: unknown
Max Ram: 2GB
chassis: pedestal
bus: 5* 64bit PCI, 1* 32-bit PCI, 1* EISA

Digital AlphaServer 1200

The AlphaServer 1200 is the successor to the AlphaServer 1000A. It uses the same enclosure as the 1000A but the logic is based on the AlphaServer 4000 design. It supports dual EV5 CPUs at either 400MHz or 533MHz. Disk storage is housed in StorageWorks shelves with one internal.
AlphaServer 1200

My machine (pictured above at its former home) is powered by a 400MHz CPU currently runs OpenVMS v8.2 and Tru64 5.1B-4 on 256MB of RAM. It currently only uses 6 of its 14 hard disks (3 raid volumes - 1 per OS). Details on its configuration may be found here (Since the configuration data on this page was obtained I have upgraded the systems firmware to the latest available version). The Machine is currently configured with the following extra hardware:

>>>show config
                           Digital Equipment Corporation
                                 AlphaServer 1200

 Console V5.4-2  OpenVMS PALcode V1.21-1, Digital UNIX PALcode V1.23-1

 Module                          Type     Rev    Name  
 System Motherboard              0        0000   mthrbrd0
 Memory  256 MB DIMM             0        0000   mem0     
 CPU (4MB Cache)                 3        0001   cpu0     
 Bridge (IOD0/IOD1)              600      0032   iod0/iod1
 PCI Motherboard                 a        0003   saddle0  

 Bus 0  iod0 (PCI0)
 Slot   Option Name              Type     Rev    Name
 1      PCEB                     4828086  0015   pceb0    
 2      DECchip 21140-AA         91011    0020   tulip1   
 3      S3 Trio64/Trio32         88115333 0054   vga0     
 4      Mylex DAC960             11069    0002   dac0     

 Bus 1  pceb0 (EISA Bridge connected to iod0, slot 1)
 Slot   Option Name              Type     Rev    Name

 Bus 0  iod1 (PCI1)
 Slot   Option Name              Type     Rev    Name
 1      NCR 53C810               11000    0002   ncr0     
 2      DECchip 21140-AA         91011    0020   tulip0   



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