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QBus Cards - zxnet



DEC Systems

DEC hardware

Information and pictures of QBus boards (both DEC and 3rd party)

With two QBus VAX systems in my collection I now have a small set of QBus boards. These pages provide information/documentation about these boards as it becomes available to me. They are mostly to collect up information about any boards I have so I dont have to search for it when I need it.

DEC QBus boards

Module: Option: Description:
M3118CXA16 16-line Asynchronous Multiplexor w/DEC423 output
M7164KDA50-Q QBus SDI Disk Adapter board 1 of 2
M7165KDA50-Q QBus SDI Disk Adapter board 2 of 2
M7516DELQA Ethernet Interface
M7559TQK70 TMSCP Controller for TK70
M7620KA650 KA650 CPU Board
M7621MS650-AA8MByte MOS Memory for KA650
M7622MS650-BA16MByte MOS Memory for KA650
M7625KA655 KA655 CPU Board
M9047 Grant Continuity Card

Documentation is needed (where it exists) for: CXA16 (EK-CAB16-TM), DELQA (EK-DELQA-IN), TQK70, KA650, MS650, KA655.

Third-party QBus boards

Manufacturer: Model:
CMD CQD-220 SCSI Controller
Webster Computer Corp. WQDHV/02
Emulex UC07 SCSI Controller

Documentation is still required for all 3rd-party boards.