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ZXnet http server: Digital VT220 Terminal



DEC Systems

DEC hardware
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Quick Specs
Display: CRT
Colour: Green, White or Amber
Keyboard: LK201

Digital VT220

The VT220 temrinal was produced from 1983 to 1987 by Digital Equipment Corporation. It improvied on the VT100 series with a new keyboard (the LK201), much smaller packaging and a much faster CPU. It was available with CRTs that used white, green or amber phosphors.

This one lived at GNS Science in Lower Hutt until the 20th of December 2008. It has a little bit of screen burn but it isnt obvious while running. It has an amber CRT.

Rear Connectors and switches

[Rear Ports]
  1. Power Switch
  2. Voltage Select Switch
  3. Fuse Holder
  4. Power Input Connector
  5. CompositeVideo Output (BNC)
  6. Communications port ("EIA Host Port Connector")
  7. RS422 Port ("20mA Host Port Connector")
  8. Printer Port (serial)
  9. Keyboard Port

See this image (from the installation guide) for the ports labeled on the image.


Images of the terminal are available here.


Links to manx pages are provided where available