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Digital VAXstation 4000 model 60 - zxnet



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Quick Specs
Architecture: VAX
CPU: KA46 (55MHz)
Max Ram: 104MB
chassis: desktop
bus: TURBOchannel

Digital VAXstation 4000/60

The VAXstation 4000 model 60 was announced on the 30th of October 1991 and became available on the 25th of November 1991. Its codename was "PMariah" and uses a KA46 CPU module containing the Mariah chipset operating at 55MHz with 256K of external cache. It was the first VAX to use TURBOchannel. VAXstation 4000/60

This one lived at GNS Science in Lower Hutt until the 20th of December 2008. The system is in good condition and runs well. At 55MHz the VAXstation 4000/60 is a fairly quick VAX. Its built-in ethernet and SCSI also makes it much easier to work with than older QBus systems.

Front panel connectors and switches

Front controls
  1. MJ11 handset connector
  2. Internal Speaker mode switch
    up - handset
    down - internal system speaker
  3. Break to chevron prompt
  4. S3: Console Operation mode switch:
    up - MMJ port console
    down - Monitor/Keyboard console
  5. 8-bit diagnostic code lights for pre-console startup sequence.

Rear Connectors and switches

Ports 1/3Ports 2/3Ports 3/3
  1. 50-pin female centronics SCSI port
  2. Remote Keyboard/Mouse DB15 male port
  3. Mouse 6-pin mini-DIN female connector
  4. Keyboard MJ11 connector
  5. Serial port/console MMJ connector
  6. Serial port DB25 male connector
  7. Video connector
  8. Ethernet 10base5 (AUI) port
  9. Ethernet selection switch (10base5 or 10base2)
  10. Ethernet 10base2 (BNC) port
  11. Monitor power connector
  12. System power connector


I have two of these machines, both ex-DSIR/GNS:
svax - the small vax.
m5g - another one


Images of the system are available here.


Links to manx pages are provided where available